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This journal contains explicit sexual material. Do not read if you are under 18 years of age or offended by such material. I'm not interested in pitting my morals against yours.


About Me

I slid into fandom a few years ago writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer threesome AU smut. (Seriously, Twinlets was my first fanfic ever.) With that, I was off and running and haven't looked back, though my fandoms and interests have developed.

I write what the muse tells me to. I found my way to LJ because it connected me with people and opened up forums where I could get challenges and inspiration.

Currently, I write primarily in the Supernatural, Psych and SGA fandoms for the moment. I dabble in the Buffy, due South, and any other show that catches my eye.

Friending Policy

I'm told I need a friending policy, so:

Feel free to friend me. Hi! Welcome! Glad to have you.

However, my f-list is also a reading list, so I don't automatically friend back. But I'm pretty easy. (Really, I love talking to people.) I'm always up for a little conversation and inspiration. You can never have too much inspiration. If you talk to me, I'll most likely friend you back.

Want to defriend me? Go for it. I don't get alerts about that, and this is as drama-free a zone as I can make it. I promise, there will be no retaliations or demands to know why. :)

My Communities

[info]xelaz_iconz: My icon community. They run the gamut from cute to uber kinky...though most of them are really kinky.

[info]crack_kitties: Supernatural crack of the highest order, co-written with the ever fantastic [info]vamptastica.

[info]psych_finders: Find those lost Psych fics! CoMod with [info].

[info]xmas_n_july: The BtVS revitalization project! 10,000 words of great Buffy- or Angel-verse fic by July! Go sign up!

My Fic Recs!

All Recs + BtVS/AtS + Chuck + Die Hard + Dr. Who + Due South + Eureka + FarScape + Firefly + Mad Men + Merlin + NCIS + Psych + SG-1 + SGA + Slings & Arrows + Supernatural + Torchwood

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